About USP

There will be more than enough room to house all the heroes attending Ultimate Summer Party™. The venue is a 5 acre plot of land in Boston Heights. The land includes a 300 foot private pond open for unlimited swimming, fishing, and canoeing. All are welcome to make responsible use of the pond as pond-related activities are conducted at your own risk. Bring your lawn chairs, picnic blankets, and anything you need to attack the day

Every year USP plans to provide as much booze as possible. However providing for a event of this size can be a huge task. Participants are more than welcome to bring their own drinks, but we also hope to provide kegs for the event. We decided to have as many kegs as the people want. We've opened the Ultimate Summer Party Venmo Account (@Ultimate-Summer-Party) to fund this venture. Donate as much as you want to drink and we'll handle the rest. We will be keeping track of the amount we have raised in terms of kegs. USP2018™ brought us 3. Lets see what USP2020™ has in store. Reminder: Attendees must be 21 to drink

There is no worse idea than a full day and night of activity (and maybe a little alcohol) on an empty stomach. We will have multiple open grills so that all participants can cook their own food. Bring meat, veggies or anything else that you want to eat and we'll have the rest covered

Ultimate Summer Party™ was founded on 3 priniciple ideals. Summer, booze, and competition. The day will be filled with all kinds of dope activity. Our official list of games includes:
  • Garbage Can Pong
  • Beersbee
  • Can Jam
  • Slip n Slide Flip Cup
  • Dizzy Bat
  • Cornhole
  • Spikeball
  • Volleyball

This is an all-day/all-night event. The closing ceremonies for Ultimate Summer Party™ will take place with all true competitors surrounding a powerful campfire. Make sure to bring chairs and marshmallows. We strongly encourage any and all participants to stay the night if they feel uncomfortable driving home. We will be camping out so make sure to bring tents, sleeping bags, and marshmallows for the night.

For those concerned about parking, there will be plenty of room to park at the venue. All are welcome to leave their cars parked overnight